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Joyfuel Raw Organic Cacao Powder (3 Sizes: 16oz & 32oz & 5LB)

Joyfuel Raw Organic Cacao Powder (3 Sizes: 16oz & 32oz & 5LB)

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100% ORGANIC CACAO: Vegan, non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, soya-free, raw. Tested for trace metals and found safe as per USFDA guidelines. Highest quality cacao beans grown in Ecuador. Yummy dark chocolate taste is fresh and full, totally different from the harshly bitter roasted chocolate or cocoa. Positively delicious!
MEGADOSE OF ANTIOXIDANTS: This Super Food gives a boost in workouts and cognitive ability. Rich in magnesium. High in protein, no animal fat or cocoa butter, just natural good fat like those in avocado, coconut and nuts. No additives, fillers, sugars or anything artificial or processed. Natural stimulant, more subtle and longer lasting than caffeine. Feel energetic and happy!
SMOOTHIES | HOT CHOCOLATE DRINK | ADD TO COFFEE | SHAKES | BAKING: Uplevel smoothies and "green drinks". Use as syrup for better tasting milkshake. Substitute for cocoa in baking cakes and cookies. Sprinkle on oatmeal, cereal or yogurt. Make your own ice cream and chocolate dipping sauce. Good in puddings, pies, fruit cocktails. Add hot water and milk to make hot chocolate. Great with coffee, too! Fine powder mixes beautifully into anything, consistent texture dissolves easily.
RESEALABLE/RECLOSABLE BAGS preserve the freshness to make the product last longer. These bags seal well and keep the rich, pure and incredible raw cacao powder aroma intact. Each time you open the bag, the refreshingly subtle and confection-like smell is heavenly.
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