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Joyfuel Japanese Organic Matcha - Ceremonial Grade (30gm)

Joyfuel Japanese Organic Matcha - Ceremonial Grade (30gm)

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100% AUTHENTIC ORGANIC JAPANESE MATCHA: Straight from Nishio, Japan Joyfuel's matcha is the finest quality and highly cherished green tea powder. You'll see the difference with this vibrant green matcha that is picked and harvest from Japan.
HIGH IN ANTIOXIDANTS: Matcha is recognized as having high amount of antioxidants and more than most green teas. Also contains about 30 grams of caffeine and enough L-Theanine to keep you calm and focused throughout the day.
CEREMONIAL TEA: This particular matcha is best consumed as a tea and is highly cherished in Japan to bring focus and a zen like experience.
PREMIUM QUALITY TIN AND BAG: preserves the matcha and every time you open the bag you'll notice the vibrant green fluffy powder and beautiful aroma.
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