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Joyfuel Premium Organic Goji Berries (2 Sizes: 16oz & 32oz)

Joyfuel Premium Organic Goji Berries (2 Sizes: 16oz & 32oz)

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PREMIUM QUALITY AND TASTE: Sourced from the Himalayas these large and juicy goji berries are 100% raw and organic and you'll notice the difference

MEGADOSE OF NUTRIENTS: Each serving has protein, fiber, and plenty of Vitamin C, Iron, Vitam A, Zinc, and antioxidants boosting this as one of the most powerful superfoods.

SMOOTHIES | SUPERFOOD BOWLS | SALAD | SNACKS: Add to your favorite smoothie recipe or put into your superfood bowls or salads, and even eat them while you're on the go.

RESEALABLE/RECLOSABLE BAGS preserve the freshness to make the product last longer. These bags seal well and keep the pure raw goji berries fresh and intact.

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