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6 Ways to Naturally Energize Your Day and Feel Great

Are you always tired and could use some energy to get through the day, but don’t know how?  

Without the proper nutrition we can feel lethargic, be in a bad mood, and not have the drive to be our best.  In a hectic and modern lifestyle consuming good tasting, nutritious foods is hard to come by and especially if there are a lot of things going on.  However, there are fun and easy ways to incorporate very nutritious foods that will help you fuel every day and feel fantastic!  

We’ve consulted with nutritionists and found some of the most nutrient dense foods from all over the world that are not only fun to incorporate into our daily lives, but easy to do so:


Associated with Zen, matcha or "powdered tea" has been a part of Japanese tea ceremonies for centuries to help calm the mind and stimulate mental alertness.  Traditionally it is consumed as a stand alone tea, however, modern uses have incorporated it into other foods or smoothies.

  • 5x more l-theanine than other teas & 35mg of caffeine
  • 137x more Antioxidants than other green teas
  • 35mg of caffeine for energy and focus
  • High levels of chlorophyll to help detox your body

How to use:  Tea, Pancakes, Cookies, Smoothies


A bean so highly regarded in Mayan society that it was called “Theobroma” or “Food of the Gods” and is commonly found in South America.  The cacao bean was cherished and valued by the Mayans and often used to make a royal drink, chocolatl.  Today cacao is widely used to make chocolate, but there are plenty of ways to enjoy raw cacao and reap the benefits straight from the pod!   


  • 2X more Iron than spinach
  • 20X more Antioxidants than blueberries
  • 2X more Magnesium than yogurt
  • Contains phytochemicals to help lift your mood


 How to use:  Hot Chocolate, Raw Brownies, Granola bars, Smoothies


Found high in the Andes Mountains, maca is root often nicknamed "Peruvian ginseng".  It was used by Incan warriors to provide strength before going into battle and used by Peruvians over centuries for healthy fertility.  Yellow maca has a sweet and nutty taste sure to add richness to anything it is added to.

  • 8 essential amino acids and high in phytonutrients
  • Acts as an adaptogen to help the body deal with stress
  • Used by Peruvians to promote healthy fertility
  • Thought to  elevate "feel good" hormones
  • Used to help improve memory

 How to use:  Yogurt, Overnight Oats, Cookies, Smoothies


Existing since the appearance of life in ocean and sea water this algae is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals.  The Aztecs combined "tecuitlatl" (spirulina) with cacao to create their own superfood.  It packs quite a punch and doesn’t take much to go a long way and can simply be enjoyed by sprinkling into your daily foods and beverages.

  • 4g of protein and 2x more antioxidants than blueberries
  • 2x more iron than spinach
  • 2x more protein than meat
  • High levels of chlorophyll to help detox your body

How to use:  Superfood Bowls, Juice or Tea, Salads, Smoothies

Goji Berries:

In the Himalayan Region goji berries were seen as the “fruit of immortality” and used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.  Great tasting and easy to carry around, enjoy these powerful tiny snacks everyday and on the go!

  • 4 grams of protein and 18 amino acids per serving
  • 2X more vitamin C than orange juice
  • 21 trace minerals with ample Calcium, Zinc and Iron
  • 4 grams of fiber to support digestive health

 How to use:  As a snack, yogurt, trail mix, smoothies

 Chia Seeds:

Chia means "strength" in Mayan and was used by ancient warriors for stamina.  Today they are consumed all over the world and often used as an egg substitute in baked goods such as brownies.

  • 7x more Omega-3s than salmon & 6g of fiber
  • 2x more protein than most grains
  • 5x more calcium than milk for healthy bones
  • 6 grams of fiber to support digestive health

How to use:  Puddings, drinks, egg substitute, smoothies

These 6 superfoods pack quite a punch and are cherished in the highest regard all over the world.  Fortunately we can now enjoy and reap the benefits of these nutritious foods in our everyday hectic lives.  Try some of the suggestions above on how to use these foods, check out our Instagram page and share with us what you think and ways you’ve incorporated them into your own lives.  As always eat well, live well, and be joyfuel.

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